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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Word World - A Big Hit!

My MIL introduced us to Word World (PBS) over Thanksgiving. She gave us the Word World Rocket to the Moon DVD. All 3 of my kids (7, 4, 2) love it.
The animation is really cute, but the clever part is that the words are spelled inside of the animated characters. If you look closely at the DVD cover (right), you can see the word 'rocket' spelled in the body of the rocket, and the word 'frog' spelled inside the little frog. They do the same thing for mountain, house, sun, or whatever images they create.
This week we discovered the Word World kids website at PBSKids. My 4-year old has had a really good time exploring the games. He loves it because it's fun, and he's proud that he's learning how to spell simple words. I love it because the stories teach good values and it teaches so many early-literacy skills.
Hooray for more fun learning games sites online!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We don't get to watch much tv but I love word world - they have toys at Target - it's so cute and educational!

12:12 PM  

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