Friday, March 20, 2009

Travel Tips - Packing Medications

1. Make a list of the regular and 'just in case' medications you need for children & adults. Our standard list is tylenol, benadryl, dimetapp, mucinex sinus, claritin, and 12 hour Sudafed. But every family's list is a little bit different.

2. Count how many days you'll be gone and estimate how many pills you will need of each kind. (Unless you want to pack a hundred pill bottles!)

3. Label snack size bags with a permanent marker and put a different type of pill in each bag. Then put all mini-bags into one medium size bag. (I actually pack 3 very different looking pills into the same bag, but make sure you can clearly tell them apart and label the bag accordingly. For example, I pack claritin, 12 hour sudafed, and vitamins together because they are different sizes and colors.)

4. You might even ask your pediatrician's office if they have a sample size of your most-frequently used children's medications. They are usually glad to share with patients.

5. If you pack any liquid medications, be sure to put them in a ziplock to guard your luggage from spills.

6. If you are using children's medications, be sure to pack a dispenser or a dosage cup.

7. Make a list of any prescription medications that you take on a regular basis - just in case you need emergency treatment, you lose your medications, or your luggage is lost.

8. Carry any emergency medications with you in your carry-on, in case your luggage is delayed.

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