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Friday, December 18, 2015

The Word Of Promise New Testament (Audiobook)

The Word Of Promise New Testament (Audiobook)New Testament Audio Bible

By Thomas Nelson

I am thrilled to review this product.  I have so enjoyed listening to the Bible over the last few weeks!  As a mom of 4, it's tough to find the time and energy to dive into the word.  Sad, but true.  Listening to the Bible, though, is very doable with all of the driving I do around town!

Listening to the Bible is such a different experience than reading the Bible.  I continually discover passages, that I don't remember reading.  And I notice new aspects to passages I've read again and again.  I think it's because the actors using different inflections and emphasize different words.  This version is also recorded in radio theater style, so you can hear the story unfolding as the actors tell the story - you can hear things like the disciples' silverware at the Last Supper, or Pilate washing his hands after the people told him to crucify Jesus.

I've also been listening to some of the stories with my children.  My daughter commented on how difficult the Bible is to understand, but she really likes listening to the Bible.  It's great to present kids with a different style of learning the Bible!

The only downside to this Bible is the case.  I have a hard time getting the CDs out of the case.  But it could just be me!

I would recommend this Bible to anyone who wants to sink themselves into God's word.

I received this book as a gift from the publisher in exhange for my honest review.


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