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Monday, April 29, 2013

Fitness for Moms - Is it Really Possible?

My goal is to do something active everyday – playing soccer with my four-year old Daniel, walking around the block, gardening, or dancing with my 14-month old Brendan. Here are some of the secrets that have helped me stick to a routine.

My favorite is to put the kids in the YMCA nursery for some mommy time & concentrated fitness time. We have a Cardio Social Cinema (a big screen where they play movies - it's surrounded by all sorts of cardio machines), spin class or the circuit center (like 'Curves') . After 30 minutes of cardio, I do a simple weights routine of squats, lunges, straight arm raises, tricep drops, and sit-ups. It seems to work best to go at 8:30am - before I find excuses to stay home!

Building Relationships with ExerciseI will use any excuse to be active while interacting with others. Partly because I'm terrible at sitting still (a bit ADD), but partly because time is so crunched! I walk while networking with clients. I schedule walking dates with old & new friends. We take family walks after dinner. Good workout buddies definitely help keep me accountable!

Great Nashville walking spots with strollers/big wheels/bikesRadnor Lake (free on Wednesdays)
Crockett Park
Centennial Park
Shelby Park
Granny White Park

Keeping the kids happy in the strollerBreakfast/snacks
Sing songs or play games (I spy, think of a word that starts with "T"...)
Walk to kids place (a playground, to see Ellington Agricultural Center's horses, the zoo...)

A lot of mom's feel guilty about taking time away from the kids, but you shouldn't! Modeling a lifestyle of fitness teaches kids to be healthy. If I take mommy time, I’m a better mommy. Exercising keeps my heart healthy, so I can live a long life with the people I love.

Other favorite fitness secrets**Mommies in Motion - a fee-based fitness time where moms meet in the park and exercise with their strollers!
**Check out workout DVDs from the library (Better yet, put your favorite DVD on hold!)
**Wake up a little bit early, and go for a neighborhood walk while your husband is getting ready for work.
I'd love to hear your fitness secrets!

PS - I write this article 7 years ago, but I wanted to share it with you again, because it's so important.  I know that I'm a better wife and mother when I am exercising regularly, and I bet you are the same way.  It does get a little easier when the kids get older.  You can play basketball or soccer together, hike together, and sometimes even bike together.  I often run while they kids bike with me.  I'll walk/run around the fields when they are at soccer practice.  We do running club after school together.  But it takes being intentional with your time!

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