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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Time for Mending

I've had a little stack of items to mend for at least a month. It keeps growing, but I never take time to actually do it! I tried something new today. I took the mending with me in the car. My DH drove and I mended my son's blanket. It was actually my blanket as a little girl, and he has loved it to pieces. It's been mended many times, and I'm not sure how much longer the crocheted pattern can last. But I'll do my best!

Next time DH is driving, I'll tackle two velcro shoe straps that have come apart. Then I need to stitch the hem on one of my favorite skirts. But I'll have to use the iron to patch my DH's pants. I think that will get me to the bottom of the mending pile!

If you haven't yet learned to sew a button and make simple slip stitches, ask a friend to teach you how. It's super easy to do, and it will save you tons of money from repairs at the dry cleaner or replacing clothes.

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Anonymous shannon said...

Ask a friend, hum..okay friend..can you teach me to sew a button. I have taken home ec and costume construction and sewing is not my gift...but every mom is suppose to know how to sew, right?

3:26 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I need a friend like you close by :) My sewing skills are very lacking :)

3:06 PM  

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