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The Magic of Children's Art

From Gia Giasullo, a graphic designer and mom:

In my house, drawing has always been a form of our family’s ‘home entertainment.’ Alongside
markers, pencils and watercolors, there is an ONGOING pile of drawings on our kid’s
art table. Periodically we sort through them, putting aside favorites to send to grandparents
or stick on the fridge. And some . . . gulp . . . head for the trash bin.

One day, a particular drawing in the pile caught my eye. When I asked my daughter
why she seemed to have stopped the drawing mid-way, she answered, “The pony tail is TOO
BIG.” “Mmmm”, I thought, “this is exactly what makes this drawing so wonderful.” My
curious attachment to this image grew.

Out of further curiosity, I began to set aside all of my kids’ rejected drawings. Some were
scribbled over or torn in half, and some were simply abandoned mid-way. What I saw was
that for whatever reason WHY, or in some cases HOW these images were rejected, they
were abstract, humorous, weird and beautiful. And I began to wonder, “Is this phenomena
happening on other kid’s art tables around the world? . .” .

I am a graphic designer (and a mom), preparing a collection of children's rejected drawings to be published in book format. The drawings I am seeking are the ones that 'didn't make it'. The drawings thatwere abandoned, scribbled or scratched over, torn and/ or crumpled with frustration.

Please contact me at if you are interested,and I will provide you with additional information about myself,this project, and how your child's drawings may be included.


You can see more of Gia's work at her website,


Gabrielle said…
What a novel concept! You are a true artist to appreciate the rejected art! I love it! I am a big fan of kids' art as you can see on my website, I take the art that was lovingly saved by parents and turn it into a beautiful photo art book that they will cherish FOREVER! I'm sure I have some rejects from my own childrens' art. I will look through my stash and get back to you. Thanks for the idea of not just saving the "memorable" pieces.


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