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Monday, May 18, 2009

Neighborhood Gatherings - The Power of Getting People Together

You can greatly impact the people that live around you by taking time to gather them together.
  • People recognize faces, and they'll wave when passing by.
  • People learn one another's names, and they'll say hello.
  • People saying hello leads to a more friendly neighborhood.
  • People say hello, and they might ask for a cup of sugar when they need it at the last minute.
  • People that have a relationship are more likely to respect one another's property.
  • People that care about one another will watch out for one another and their children.
  • People that care about one another share resources with one another (wheelbarrows, flower bulbs, babysitting, tomatoes...)
  • People that know one another live in a safe neighborhood.
  • People that know one another might lead to people helping one another through tough times (new babies, sickness, grieving, death)
  • People that discover commonalities might start sharing life with one another.
  • People that converse with one another might have the opportunity to talk about Christ.
  • People that talk about Christ might discover or reignite a passion for Christ.
  • People that love Christ love others.
It's so easy to be friendly to your neighbors, and it's not hard to gather your neighbors together for a party or gathering. Recently I posted about How to Host a Neighborhood Party, so you can click the link to read strategies for hosting a neighborhood gathering.

This week, I'll be sharing simple and inexpensive ideas for summer get-togethers. And I'd love to hear YOUR favorite ideas!

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