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Friday, February 17, 2012

Book Review: Silly Frilly Grandma Tillie

I just read an advanced copy of the new children’s book Silly Frilly Grandma Tillie, by Laurie Jacobs and Anne Jewett, with my daughter.  It’s about two little girls who love it when Grandma Tillie comes to visit.  Though Grandma claims to enjoy simply knitting, she’s actually quite the entertainer.  She might transform into Tillie Vanilly with the bright pink hair, Chef Silly Tillie with the lampshade hat, or Madame Frilly Tillie with the sparkly eyeglasses and towel turban.
The text and characters easily lead the reader to use silly voices to match Gramma’s characters.  My 5-year old daughter especially liked the silliness, like when Tillie Vanilly sang the congo to dance to the kitchen.  She wouldn’t want to dip pickles into her chocolate milk, she thinks it would be gross!
The book is sure to spark your creativity, and inspire you in your own silly and loving ways.  You can pick up your own copy from your favorite bookseller in March 2012.  (Hint - it would be a fun Mother's Day gift for Grandma's in your life!)



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