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Friday, September 27, 2013

Birthay - Afro Circus Style

My youngest child turned 7 this week, and she wanted to celebrate her birthday in afro circus style. She invited a few close friends to come over and we had the most fantastic time together. We picked several animal faces for face painting, and my sister, an amazing artist, came to help paint faces. While we were painting, the girls had paper plates that they decorated to look like circus animals. They were so cute!

When everyone had an animal face painted, we headed outside to play animal games. We played a version of charades where the girls picked out an animal cracker and had to act out that animal with no words or sounds for their friends to guess. We played bunny hop where the girls worked with a partner to hold a balloon without using their hands and hop together to the finish line.

But the funniest game was chubby bunny. The girls and grownups had to stuff marshmallows in their mouths one at a time and say “chubby bunny”. The goal was to get the most marshmallows in your mouth and still be able to speak clearly. We laughed so hard!

We enjoyed cake and presents, then started our afro circus dance party! My boys had made a playlist for the dance party so they picked out songs that were age appropriate and fun to dance to. We had found a disco ball at a consignment store so we set it up in the living room, to liven up the dance floor. The girls danced and danced. We would say freeze - act like a giraffe, or dance like a monkey, or dance in a line around the house. It was so much fun!

Happy birthday little girl you are a treasure!

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