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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

9 Party Activities with a Soccer Theme

I was helping a friend brainstorm creative fundraising games to play at an upcoming soccer event.  These would also use these for a soccer party or a birthday party with a soccer theme.  I thought you soccer-crazed families might enjoy building off the ideas.  And of course, I'd LOVE to hear your ideas!
  1. have a kick off (like a free throw competition).  have 2 kicking lines- one for adults & one for kids.  each person gets 3 kicks.  if one of the kicks goes in, you get a prize.  every player is entered into a drawing for a XX.
  2. punting competition  (punt, retrieve ball, get prize based on how far the punt is)
  3. kick and hit the goalie ghost for a prize
  4. kick and knock over the 2-liter ghosts in the goal  (like bowling)
  5. a combo of cake walk/musical chairs.  $ to enter. kids on spray-painted & #ed circles. play Halloween song.  freeze when music stops. draw # from hat. person standing on that #ed square gets a prize.
  6. a modified bean bag toss.  put a netting over the goal with holes cut out.  designate points for various holes. kickers tally points by kicking in certain holes.  prizes awarded by points earned.
  7. a make-and-take soccer craft.  buy foam/wooden frames, paint and stickers.  let players decorate art for their rooms.
  8. sell helium soccer balloons.  or decorate your own helium soccer balloon.
  9. finger soccer competition.  "kick' soccer ball (ping pong ball) into a mini goal by shooting with your index finger.


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