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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

nostalgia and a beautiful Bible

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Nostalgia. I still remember how excited I was to get my first beautiful Bible in high school. It was a teal soft leather and NIV Bible and I loved it! It sounds trite, but having a Bible that felt beautiful made it so much easier for me to start reading.

I was so excited to get this new journal Bible in the mail to review last month. My Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition.has a gorgeous turquoise blue cover with swirly flowers and little tiny butterflies. It's beautiful! It's a very sturdy hardcover Bible. Open it up and the cover pages are also turquoise prints with polka dots. It has a beautiful inscription page with space to write presentation information. It also has a one page instruction guide on how to use the Bible. It includes challenges to set Christian goals, to consider Bible characters, to ponder ways to show God's love, and to choose vs to memorize. Like most Bibles, is it includes a table of contents, but this Bible also includes and alphabetical order of the books of the Bible with corresponding page numbers. I love that for new believers trying to find Bible verses quickly. The Bible includes two bookmarks. The Bible text is plain and simple text. No notes other than the headings for different passages. But what sets this Bible apart is the space on every single page to journal or doodle. At the end of the Bible, it has a table of weights and measures, but it does not have a dictionary or concordance. Honestly the Bible would probably be too thick if it added those things.

In conclusion, the Bible is gorgeous and lovely for any girl or a woman. My daughter latched onto it immediately and didn't want to give it up. If readers will take the reflection opportunities to heart, this Bible could be a wonderful way to encourage someone in their faith.

I received this Bible as a gift and exchange for my honest review.


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