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Laundry - Making Every Minute Count

I usually do 3 loads of laundry back to back. And I try to make every minute count. Here's the way I do it - do you have any tricks?

Carry all laundry to the laundry room.
Start running warm water in washer and add laundry detergent.
Sort clothes into piles - for us it's usually lights, darks and reds/browns
Change water temperature to cold (for everything but whites)
Add first load to washer.

Here's where I cut down the most time - between loads.
First move wet clothes to dryer, but don't start the dryer.
Start running warm water with detergent in the washer for load #2.
Then add a drying sheet to the dryer, check the dryer filter and push start.
Then change your washer temperature to cold and add your clothes.

I know it only cuts out a few minutes, but every minute counts in my house!! This way there's no standing around waiting for water to fill between loads and I don't get sidetracked on another task FORGETTING to add the laundry!


Anonymous said…
I typically do 4-5 loads of laundry each time I do it, so I'm with you on making every minute count. I do a bit more sorting before I get clothes to the basement (where our machines are) and I sort into lights, darks & towels b/c towels are forgiving and can sit in the dryer for a few days without wrinkling when they are my last load of the day. My only additional tip to offer is more related to equipment than time - if I don't have a laundry basket handy in the bathroom, I pile the load of laundry onto a bath towel and wrap the towel up to carry the laundry to the washer. It's lighter and more flexible than a basket and there's nearly always a dirty towel that's needing to go anyway. - Shannon
MommySecrets said…
Great tip on saving the towels for last!!! I never would've thought about that, but that's a very good tip for me to follow!
Kristina said…
hey..that is a great idea! I always wash in warm. Boy, have I got a lot to learn!!! Thanks!

love your blog BTW!

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