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10 Ideas for Water Balloon Fun

Gramma & Papa brought two bags full of water balloons when they came to visit last month.  Each bag ($1 from the Dollar section at Target) provided 90 minutes of fun for the kiddos.

They attached the water balloon funnel (which came in the water balloon package) to the outside hose, then sat down in patio chairs to fill balloons by the kiddie pool.  They let the extra water between balloons fall into the kiddie pool, so the pool slowly filled up along with the water balloons.  It took a long time to fill up the balloons, but the kids played in/around the assembly line the whole time.  Then playtime started.  

1.  My 3yr old liked dropping balloons on his feet - or the feet of anyone around him - to watch the splash.  (I've heard of having a balloon splash competition.  Everyone holds the balloon in front of his nose, then drops it to the ground - whomever's balloon leaves the biggest splash mark is the winner.)

2.  My 21 month old liked to pick up the balloons out of the pool and carry them to her cozy coupe car, where she stored balloons in the trunk.  It was like her own Easter Egg hunt, except she was using water balloons.

3.  My 6 year old had fun launching the balloons at me and Papa, but his favorite was water balloon baseball.  Papa pitched the balloons and D scored points when he busted a balloon by swinging the bat.  It was hysterical!

Other favorite water balloon games for older kids:

4.  Water balloon volleyball, catching water balloons in the belly of tshirts

5.  Water balloon egg relays, trying to balance small water balloons in soup spoons as you speedwalk to tag your teammate.

6.  Capture the Flag with water balloons, sending opponents to the freeze box when they are tagged with a water balloon.

7.  Pass the water balloon relays, trying to 'hand off' water balloons to your partner by holding the balloons under your chin (you can't touch the balloons with your hands) and passing it to your partner who will receive the balloon under his chin.

8.  Hot Potato with water balloons - gently toss the balloon around the circle.  If the balloon pops, the passer/receiver are out.  Continue eliminating players 'til you have a winner.

9.  Water balloon slingshots - put water balloons in slingshots and see how far they fly (this is a favorite from my husband's brothers)

10.  Water balloon clean-up - give each child a bucket and send them on a race to collect the most balloon pieces.  Whoever wins gets a prize - or give popsicles to everyone who collects a good number of balloon pieces.

Cheap & easy fun - especially when you have guests who don't mind helping to fill the water balloons!  Do YOU have favorite water balloon memories or gamess?


Meredith said…
Great idea! I think I'll pick up a bag or two for our beach trip. They won't take up any room in the suitcase.

We love water balloons, but I never thought of using a funnel to fill them.
MommySecrets said…
Meredith, that's a great beach trip idea!

The funnel isn't a normal funnel, although that would work well with a water pitcher. The funnel that comes in the $1 Target packages screws directly into the faucet, so it's super easy for filling balloons.
Christi said…
Sounds like fun - our boys have already enjoyed lots of playtime with water balloons this summer, but you gave us some new ideas.

Anonymous said…
Those $1 Target water balloons are not stretching when I fill them up. They just stay small. Do you have any tips for filling them up?
Ours stay pretty small too, but that's okay b/c large balloons would take forever to fill!

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