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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Heroes Party

We hosted a double Super Heroes Party for my 4-year old and our friend's 6-year old yesterday. We had a blast together!

I searched on google to find great activities for Super Hero parties. I can't remember the websites where I collected my ideas, but I'm really grateful to the creative minds that fueled my planning! Here's what we did:

Kryptonite toss (hot potato game using a glowstick and the kryptonite song)
Xray vision game (trying to guess items in a bag without looking)
Design your own superhero (with construction paper & crayons)
Obstacle course (crawl through the bat cave (under the table), somersault away from the bad guys, walk the tightrope like Robin)
Follow Superman (like follow the leader - we let each child lead the line around the house)
Super Heroes book (each child chose a character to role play)
Dinner (chicken nuggets, banana halves, celery with peanut butter) (the adults had white bean chili)
Birthday cake (a chocolate sheet cake with chocolate icing and the batman logo outlined in butterscotch chips)
Gift exchange

I think the total party cost including food was $15 for the 7 children and 5 adults, because we were able to use almost everything from around the house.

Mary’s tip: choose a generic theme, like superheroes or princesses for your birthday party instead of choosing something specific, like Batman or Cinderella. Then you can watch for sales or clearance items at the Dollar Tree or the Party Store, as you’re buying cake decorations or party favors. She was able to buy little Superman gift bags with 6 toys in them for $1.50 at the Party Store – and the kids loved them!

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