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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Phone #s At Your Fingertips

Numbers you might need when you're out and about - save in your phone address book:
Dentist (you never know when you might have an emergency)
Doctor (with a sick child, you don't want to stop and look for a ph#)
Pharmacy (so you can tell the doctor where to call in your prescription)
Pizza place
Your favorite takeout restaurants

Numbers you reference, but they change seasonally - save on a list in your planner:
Babysitters (I sort these by favorites, homeschool (available during the day), and referrals)
Teacher's phone #s
I also keep a few phone #s that I would need if I lost (yikes!) my phone

Numbers you need, but not frequently - in an address book or on a computer spreadsheet
Neighborhood association

Last Tip
Ask your cell phone store if they will print out a list of your phone #s that are saved in your phone. This is a LIFESAVER in case something happens to your phone! And with little tykes running around, you never know what might happen to your phone!

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Blogger Jennie said...

Great list! And I like the suggestion of asking my phone company to print a list of my saved numbers. My phone is the only place I have some of those numbers!

One more # to add to your saved number list... poison control. Needed it the other day (no worries, everything was fine) and had no idea what the number was (it's easy, BTW... 1-800-222-1222... but it's really close to the number for Delta Airlines so I need to keep it stored or I'd get it confused in a pinch).

1:22 PM  
Blogger Jennie said...

Oh, and I recommend keeping a neighbor's phone number stored on your phone in case you are away from the house but need something out of it or you forgot to ask someone to pick up your mail when you left town. I also keep key babysitters' numbers on my phone in case we're presented with a social opportunity and want to find a sitter (if I don't do it right away, it's possible I'd forget to call and then I'd be dealing with a last-minute attempt to find a sitter).

1:28 PM  

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