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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Birthday Weekend full of Surprises

Today was my 3 year old daughter's birthday. I can't believe she's three!!! We had grand plans for the weekend, including soccer, a nephew's birthday party, weekend babysitting for friends, and my daughter's party with a few families. All of that came to a halt when my two of my kids (the birthday girl and her 7 year old brother) were diagnosed with swine flu Friday. The doctor gently informed me that our kids needed to be pretty much quarantined for nearly a week. Ugh!

Thanks to catching the flu quickly and medicine, we're doing fine. The kids are feeling much better, and we still had a great birthday celebration.

We started out the day by lighting a 'candle cake' at breakfast and singing to the birthday girl. Then we opened gifts about 10am, so the kids could play with the gifts before lunchtime. After rest/nap time, we celebrated with pink birthday cake frosted with a little princess on top. Then we had her favorite spaghetti dinner before popcorn and a movie night. It was a great family day that we all enjoyed - even without leaving the house.

While on the subject of birthdays, I wanted to share an article from my friend Aimee. "Simplified and Splendified" is full of simple ways her family has decided to celebrate birthdays. She is a whimsical, practical, creative and very loving mom - I think you'll enjoy reading her ideas.


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