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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Parenting Boot Camp - Raising Godly Tomatoes

Some of our dear friends came to visit from Arizona this week. Angie & Steve have 5 little ones, ages 15 months - 7 years. They opened up their hearts to share some of things they've been learning about childrearing and parenting. We felt like empty sponges absorbing the wisdom they've been gathering from Godly families around the country.

Raising Godly Tomatoes, by Elizabeth Krueger, is the first book I'll share from their library. Angie brought it with her to reread, but instead she shared it with me for the week. Reading it, coupled with watching their family training/discipline, has greatly inspired and equipped us on our parenting journey.

The book is full of practical ideas, stories for how child training really works, and lots of encouraging scriptures.

You can actually read a lot of the book on her website , but I think you'll want to order a copy for yourself, so you can highlight all the pearls of wisdom that you want to remember. I ordered 2 copies today - one for us, and one to share with my siblings. Here are links to her chapter titles, so you can learn directly from Elizabeth:

Square One
Teaching Obedience
Raising a Godly Child
The Basics and Before
Starting Early
Starting Late
Discerning the Spirit
Tomato Staking
The "S" Word
Emotional Issues
Dealing With Feelings
Crying and Whining
Temper Tantrums
With Character in Mind
Pride Problems
Sibling Squabbles
Insightful Issues
The Parent's Part
Fixing Ourselves First
Older Children

My DH and I actually started some of our tomato staking today. We are working hard with our 3 children on obedience and respect - training them to do what's right; keeping them close so we can watch for small infractions instead of waiting until a behavioral issue explodes during the day; and being as consistent with them as we know how to be. We're working together to train them to be Godly, to love God, to respect authority, to do what's right, and to love others. It feels great to have a game plan.

Do you have a game plan? Have you assessed what's working in your childrearing lately? Have you prayed, asking God to give you wisdom for how to help you parent your children? This book might be part of God's answer for you. I pray that it will challenge and equip you as much as it has challenged us.

Thanks Steve and Angie for sharing your friendship and your wisdom!

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Blogger Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

GIRLLLLL I LOVE Raising Godly Tomatoes. I stumbled upon her website when my son who is now 6 was 2. I have tomato staked my little guy many times over the years and have gone back to her site over and over to gather more wisdom for parenting my daughter. I also am a part of the forum and really enjoy connecting with other "RTG" moms! Great post today! It does work - so keep it up with your little ones!!! I'm so thankful for Elizabeth!!!

7:18 AM  

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