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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Unplugging to Rest

These reflections on the importance of Sabbath rest are from my brother-in-law.  I thought you might also appreciate them:

Dear Church Family,

I am currently on our family summer vacation at the beach, and I am wondering why I sometimes struggle to really enjoy vacation and unplug. Working without stopping has become our hallmark as Americans. We are among the most “productive” workers in the world. We don’t leave our post. We just work.

For others, the constant drive is social networking. We stay connected at all hours. I think that sometimes it is fear that fuels our “connectedness.” Maybe we think we’re more valuable as people and workers because we don’t unplug. Everyone can count on us to be there. If we weren’t there, everything would most certainly fall apart, or so we think. I believe our “productivity” costs us a lot in terms of our health, our lives, our families and our worship. From my viewpoint, we are a people who desperately need periods of time to unplug.

Genesis tells us that God rested on the seventh day. God didn’t need rest—we need rest. He provided an example for us. For many of us, taking time off takes faith. We need to trust that the company will go on without us. We will remain valued. People’s needs will be met. Others will answer the call. At the core, it is faith that God is sufficient and can take care of all of my needs.

When I stop and unplug, I find myself enjoying God and my family more. I am more thankful for the little things that He provides, things that I have been too busy to notice. God knows that we need to slow down and experience life. God gave us five senses to enjoy Him and what He has created for us. When I stop long enough to take it all in, I have a deeper gratitude for all of those things. I thank God and worship Him.

Hunter Murray

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