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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Christian Fiction - Karen Kingsbury's series on the Baxter Family

I love to read, and I'm always on the hunt for good books - books that are entertaining, but also books that fill my mind with good things.

Karen Kingsbury has written a great christian fiction series about the Baxter family.  The stories revolve around the Christian Kids Theater.  Each book has lessons regarding faith, family, character, community...  If you're looking for quality christian fiction, check these out:
Redemption series - The first series featuring the Baxter family.
Redemption, 2002
Remember, 2003
Return, 2003
Rejoice, 2004
Reunion, 2004
Firstborn series - the second series featuring the Baxter family.
Fame, 2005
Forgiven, 2005
Found, 2006
Family, 2006
Forever, 2007
Sunrise series
The third series featuring the Baxter family.
Sunrise, 2007
Summer, 2007
Someday, 2008
Sunset, 2008

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