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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Books that Build Character (for 5th grade and higher)

A friend asked for advice about character-building books to read with his 11-year old son.  I pondered the question for a while before responding.  I asked quite a few people to share their favorite books, but few people had character books to shrae.  Here is what I came up with:

William Bennett - book of virtues
William Bennett - The Moral Compass
Bill Gothard's Character Sketches books - tough reads, but good to read together.  especially if your son likes animals.
I haven't read the Trailblazer series of christian biographies for kids, but I'm intrigued.

Building Christian Character - post from my blog with good character books
Great post from my homeschooling friend Christy Reeder about character-building books

Some classic books that are likely to have great character/leadership/life lessons:
Where the red fern grows
Wrinkle in time
Island of the blue dolphins
My side of the mountain
The Hobbit
Chronicles of narnia
Treasure island
Swiss family Robinson
Robin hood
Black beauty
The black stallion
Treasures of the snow
Little house on the prairie
Johnny tremain
Little men

I look forward to hearing your favorite character-building books!


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