Friday, March 08, 2013

Book Review - Maya Was Grumpy

I let my kids review this whimsical and creative book - Maya was Grumpy:

Brendan, age 8
It is awesome!  It's very funny and it has good drawings with great colors.  My favorite part of the book was the playground scene when Maya and her Gramma were swinging with the monkeys, sliding down giraffe's necks...  I wish my Gramma could come to see me to get me out of my grumpy moods.

Anna Kate, age 6
I love Maya's long crazy hair, the cute little birds and the playground page.  It's very creative!

The kids recommend this book for girls and boys ages 1-20 (though mom suggests 4 -10).  They also suggest this as a resource for counselors and parents to talk with their kids about feelings.

Disclaimer:  The publisher sent this book in exchange for our honest reviews.

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