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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Summertime Projects to Promote Family Learning and Bonding - Part 3

Homemade Healthy and Natural Ice Cream

When you are sweating under the hot sun, few things are better than a cold bowl of ice cream.  Here is what you need to make your own home made, healthy and delicious snack.

-          1 cup of organic milk or half and half
-          12 tablespoons of salt (rock salt works best)
-          Ice cubes
-          1 pint sized ziplock bag
-          1 large freezer ziplock bag
-          ½ cup organic fruit or berries
-          Crushed nuts (optional)

First, fill the small bag with milk, fruit puree, and crushed nuts, then seal it.  Next, add the salt and ice cubes to the larger bag until it is nearly full.  All you need to do now is put the smaller bag into the larger bag, and shake it for about ten minutes.  When you are done, you will have a bag of ice cream! 
Because there is no added sugar and all ingredients are natural, this homemade ice cream will be much healthier, not to mention fresher, than the kinds you would buy at a store.  By changing the fruits and adding spices you can make a variety of different flavors.  A few to consider are apple cinnamon, strawberry-banana, something fun like pear-lime-mint, or anything else you would like. 
A fun game can be for you to make a batch of ice cream without letting your kids know, and then they will need to guess what flavor it is.  This ice cream is perfect for a weekend treat, as a way to celebrate completing their found art project, or just because it is so hot out.

The nice weather and extra family time are what make summer summer.   With crafts and projects like these, your family can bond and have a great time while they learn, protect their favorite memories, and eat delicious snacks.

This post was written by Ryan, who enjoys picking out the perfect kids footed pajamas for his nieces and nephews cooking, and helping families find new travel destinations.



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