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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teaching Independence

Our oldest son is 11 and we're working hard to help him be more independent. When school started this fall, he wanted to start setting his own alarm clock to get up this morning. He actually wanted to get up a little bit early so he could give himself a little wiggle room in the morning schedule. He has been so responsible with this.

When he finished his breakfast and getting ready for school, he would ask me if he could have a few minutes to read or check on a game on his kindle. For a couple of days I would run through a checklist verbally with him:  Are you ready for school? Have you pack your backpack? Have you brushed your teeth? Are all of your papers signed?

Then it dawned on me that we should have a morning checklist for him. I had him write out all the things he needed to accomplish the morning before school. Each morning after he checks everything off the list , then he is free to do whatever he would like before its time to hop in the car.

He is proud to be prepared. He likes the independence. And it's definitely streamlining our morning schedule. He is growing in independence, he is happy, and mom is happy.


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