Thursday, December 19, 2013

Delegating Chistmas Traditions

We do a lot of delegating in our house.  I want the kids to learn to do household chores and take responsibility for things around the house.  We also do a lot of PLAY, so they usually only do chores in 10-20minute increments.

But this year, we've been delegating a little bit for the Christmas season.  My 12-year old son is in charge of the elf on the shelf (shhhh!  don't tell his siblings!), and he has loved the job!  My 8-year old son is in charge of watering the Christmas tree every other day.  My 7-year old daughter keeps the art walls decorated with Christmas art, and she adds ribbons and bows to the packaging.

It's fun to share traditions with them and watch them grow.  :)

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