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A Great Resource to Study BIble Prophecy

Thomas Nelson Pulisher sent me a copy of John Hagee's NKJV Prophecy Study Bible, asking me to share an unbiased review.  If you are interested in studying prophecy from Genesis to Revelation, this edition of the Bible will impress you.  Here are samples of some of the study helps in this BIble:

  • An introduction to Prophets and Prophecy
  • An outline and reading about the end times
  • Top 20 Questions about Bible Prophecy  from "How can I know Bible propecy is accurate" to "What role does Israel play in th eend times" to "What are the 5 different views on the rapture".  Hagee answers each question with scripture and the explanation of scripture.
  • Diamonds for Daily Living - 40 one-page devotions scattered throughout the book of Psalms.  He covers topics such as rest, faith, fear, protection, and spiritual fitness.
  • God's Great Promises - articles that explain the covenants God has made with Christians throughout the ages.  this explained some covenants that I had looked over or didn't understand.  The promises range from Adam to Abraham to Moses to Israel to the Church.
  • God's Great Salvation.  This explains the story of our salvation from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Evidences.  These one page articles explain some of the tenants of the Christian faith through modern day stories, scriptures, and teaching. Ex: the trinity, demons, the alpha & omega, perfection, sins, eternal life..
  • Spokesmen for God.articles on 19 prophets in the Bible - who they are and what message they shared.
  • Bible Insights - reference articles about the Bible, cultural understanding, and general prophecy.
  • Bible Prophecy Charts - 16 charts outlining different prophetic messages in the Bible.
  • Master index to Bible Prophecies and fulfillment (very cool 16 pages of small print!)
  • Intro to each book of the Bible includes notes about the book, the author, the time period, how Christ fits into the book's story, key passages/themes, and a survey of the book.
  • a 64 page concordance
You can see that this Bible is packed with great study material.  You can tell that Hagee put a whole lifetime of studying into this Bible.  It's like reading someone's journal about the BIble, seeing all of their Bible notes, and listening to them explain the BIble prophecies.  It's a heavy hard-cover Bible with small print on thin pages.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to study the Bible with a focus on God's promises, the prophecies and the big picture of how Christ is present throughout the Bible.


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