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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lost Game Pieces

Well, you probably never lose game pieces in your house, so this might not apply to your family. But in our house, it sometimes happens.

The good news is that you don't have to throw away the game. Just create new tokens. I bought a Candy Land game from Goodwill a few years ago. The little character tokens are a little bit bent, so they're difficult to use. So instead we use little tiny cars. Or army men, or fruit loops, or whatever little things we can find to identify the players.

If you're missing a spinning board (like Candyland), just subsitute dice from another game.

And in order to avoid the need for substitutions, I've found that it's best to keep little game pieces in a plastic ziplock bag inside the game box. Then even if the game gets knocked over, or toddler hands explore inside, the game pieces stay together.

Happy Game Night!


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Blogger Rebecca said...

I was going to say that if you have a game that was purchased new, you could keep your eyes out for "replacement parts" by buying the same game from a garage sale. Oftentimes those garage sale games are missing some pieces anyway & for 50 cents or so you could have yourself plenty of "back-up" pieces.

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