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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Saving Time in the Kitchen - great tips from Frugal Upstate!

Jenn at Frugal Upstate just published a great article about saving time in the kitchen - she actually titled the article "Avoiding the Take-Out Trap". I follow many of her suggestions, but I never thought about creating a list of all the different meals I could create with a few prepared meats. I love this list! Here are some of our favorites that I pulled from Jenn's list. Visit the link for about 40 great ideas!

Ground Beef
Pot Pie/Shepherds Pie: Mix with can of mixed veggies, white sauce or cream of soup. Cook in casserole dish with either boxed mashed potatoes or biscuits on top

Tacos/Burritos: Add the spice mix and serve either on burrito wraps or in taco shells
Sloppy Joes: Use your favorite recipe.

Chicken soup: Broth, veggies, chicken, rice or noodles
Stirfry: Mix with a bag of frozen stirfry veggies and some soy sauce, serve with rice

Meatballs - I need to try these for my family!
Meatball Subs: Add to spaghetti sauce, serve on a roll with cheese

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