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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Disney Cruise - Planning and Packing

* Pack disposable buckets for beach play. We took the large plastic yogurt containers. They worked great for sand play, then we threw them away.
* Take pirate attire from the dollar store. Disney will provide a pirate bandana for you at dinner. * If you go with friends, share a digital camera.
* Make sure to walk along the adult beach when the tide is low - it's beautiful!
* Take time to go to the champagne brunch - the food was great and it was a fantastic date time. As soon as you board the ship, ask where you can sign up for Palo, spa services and excursions. Even if the online system says they are booked, you can probably make reservations then.
* Take light-colored t-shirts for the characters to sign. If you drop the t-shirts off at guest services, they will ask all the characters to sign it for you!
* Ask for Mo & Passayu to be your servers - they were great!
* Take a few long-sleeve shirts and a pair of jeans - it gets cool at night and sometimes on cloudy days.
* Don't feel pressured to plan excursions. There is so much to do on the boat alone! You can walk to local shops - very touristy - at all the stops. Next time, I'll look for the nicest beaches within a taxi ride distance, and spend a couple of hours at the beach. If you do plan an adult excursion, you have the option to leave your kids in childcare on the ship.
* Try a Mickey bar at dinner one night - they are quite delicious!
* Order uncrustables from room service to take to on excursions. They're free, just remember to tip the staff.
* They provide towels for you to take on excursions - they just ask that you return them.
* Take a water bottle with you for excursions. We saw one family check a box of bottled waters as part of their luggage!



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