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Monday, May 16, 2011

Pipecleaner fun

I went to a craft & fabric garage sale this weekend and found some really fun craft supplies for the summer.  My 4-year old and I snuck into the stash this morning to do some pipecleaner crafts.  My kids love playing with pipecleaners - they are a relatively cheap manipulative for creativity and imaginative play.  This morning we made:
  • tulips - bend the middle of a red pipecleaner into the shape of 2 capital "M"s, then connect the ends of the pipecleaner to make the bottom of the flower.  Attach a green pipecleaner for the stem.
  • bumblebee - weave a yellow and black pipecleaner together, then roll it onto a pencil to make a tightly curled bundle.  then bend a black pipecleaner in half and stick it through the pencil hole to make the antlers & stinger.
  • snack mix - we filled a bowl with lots of different pipecleaners rolled into curly q's
  • inchworms - green pipecleaners rolled on the pencil to stretch out as desired
  • butterflies - bend one pipecleaner in half for the abdomen, then shape the wings to attach on either side of the butterfly.
  • bunny ears - pink pipecleaners attached to a brown headband.
I should've taken pictures, but she wrapped them in leftover wrapping paper too quickly!

As I type, my daughter is busy being a hairdresser, fixing my hair for the day.  Can't wait to see what it looks like!




Blogger Jennie said...

Pipecleaners are so fun! We take them on plane flights. We also have them at some adult-type meetings. :-)

4:15 PM  

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