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Monday, February 01, 2016

Undaunted Hope by Jody Hedlund

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I just finished another great book by Jody Hedlund, Undaunted Hope.  I didn't want to put it down, so I read in every spare moment I had this week.  (always a sign of a good book!)

Here's a description from the publisher:
Tessa Taylor arrives in 1870s Upper Peninsula, Michigan, planning to serve as a new teacher to the town. Much to her dismay, however, she immediately learns that there was a mistake, that the town had requested a male teacher. Percival Updegraff, superintendent and chief mine clerk, says she can stay through winter since they won't be able to locate a new teacher before then, and Tessa can't help but say she is in his debt. Determined to become indispensable, Tessa throws herself into teaching, and soon the children of the widowed lighthouse keeper have decided she's the right match for their grieving father. Their uncle and assistant light keeper, Alex Bjorklund, has his own feelings for Tessa. As the two brothers begin competing for her hand, Tessa increasingly feels that someone is tracking her every move, and she may not be able to escape the trap that has been laid for her.

Hedlund does an excellent job developing her main characters.  You can feel Tessa's fear and passion.  You can feel Alex's protectiveness, loyalty and longing.  You can feel Michael's grief.  You can feel Percival's evil nature.

She also does a wonderful job painting the scenery.  You can imagine yourself walking into the town, seeing the homes, the mines, the snow, the lighthouse, the water, the treacherous weather...

I appreciated the character struggles, the plot twists, and the struggle for good to overcome evil.  I loved seeing such a strong female character, fighting for justice and for the people.  I enjoyed the love story and the friendships.

Undaunted Hope is a great historical fiction novel, and I would recommend it to readers age 17+.

I received this book as a gift from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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