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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reading for Life Part 6 - Books that Promote Positive Identity

1. Stellaluna, by Janell Cannon.
Separated from her mother at a young age, Stellaluna, a bat, was raised by a bird. She grew up modeling after her bird siblings, and left the bat ways behind. Another bat found her, and challenged her odd habits. Stellaluna slowly discovered and learned to love her true self.
• What are the ways that you are different from other people?
• How are you learning to love yourself for who you are, instead of trying to be like everyone else?

2. The Mixed-Up Chameleon, by Eric Carle.
A mysterious little chameleon reminds readers to be proud of who they are. After wishing to be a polar bear, a flamingo, and a fish, the chameleon realizes he’s quite happy with his life as a chameleon.
• Do you ever wish you could be somebody else? Why are you glad to be you?

3. Angelina Ballerina, by Katharine Holabird.
Angelina had a dream to dance, and she pursued that dream until it came true.
• What do you want to be when you grow up? How can practice your dream now?

4. I’m Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem, by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell.
This adorable poem of self-confidence reminds children to like themselves in success and failure. The pictures tell an equally humorous tale of silliness and laughter.
• What can you do that you’re really proud of? What is something you’d like to learn to do better?

5. Just Big Enough by Mercer Mayer.
Little Critter wants to be big so he can do all the things big kids do. He tries everything. It’s not until he talks with Grandpa that he realizes being himself is just big enough.
• What are the things you do well?
• Who points out to you how great you are? What do they say?

6. Moo, Who? by Margie Palatini.
Hilda Mae Heifer has lost her moo. She doesn’t know who she is anymore, but with the help of others, she gets her moo back.
• Have you ever tried to be someone you’re not?
• What do you like best about yourself?

7. I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont.
Silly and real at the same time, this book explores all the things that are good about each of us. Inside and out just because you’re you and I’m me.
• Which is your best feature? Toes? Hair? Smile? Can you list different things you like about yourself?

8. Elemenopee: The Day L, M, N, O, P Left the ABC’s by Pamela Hall.
L, M, N, O, P have had enough! They are run together in the song, the other letters tease them and they are through. They don’t feel like they belong in the ABC song so they decide to leave. See what happens when they’re not there anymore . . .
• Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong or felt left out? How can you help others feel special, like they belong?
• What can you see about them and praise for how they’re important? OR What can you do to make others feel special and important?

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Blogger Amy said...

I think we have checked each of these out from the library, at some point, and I just love their message. What a great list! Thank you!

9:29 AM  

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