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Sunday, October 19, 2008

New CD for your Collection

Our family went with friends to a little tiny coffee shop called Cafe Ameno last night, where we thoroughly enjoyed music by Jamie Reid, Jeff Durham and a guitarist. The adults relaxed to the melodies as we sipped yummy coffees and ate paninis. The kids were lulled for awhile, then they danced outside the open doors to the music. It was so much fun!

I wanted to share the music of Jamie Reid with you. He plays tenor sax, and his music is just as good (if not better!) than Kenny G's music. We bought his CD of Instrumental Hymns and decided that it's perfect background music for dinner or relaxing in the evening. The music is soothing and peaceful, and they call to mind the lyrics of the hymns you probably grew up singing. You can sample the music at the link above, and see more on his website here.



Blogger Chris and Tiana said...

I just bought the MP3 files and burned them on to a CD and am already listening to them. Love it! Isn't technology great? I grew up Baptist, so I know every one of those hymns and rarely get to hear them anymore. This was a great suggestion. I might buy the Christmas album next month. Thanks for the tip!

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