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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Great Decorations for Trunk or Treat

I've been to a dozen or so Trunk or Treat events over the last 6 years, but I've never been really impressed. It just seems like a big candy fest set up to foster greediness, but I guess that could be said of the whole Halloween experience. But I digress.

At our church's Trunk or Treat, individuals, families and community groups sign up to decorate vehicles. The cars all park in a row, and the children trick-or-treat from car-to-car. Prizes are awarded for the best car decorations.

Ours was very simple - a big Thomas the Train blanket hanging over the back seat of the minivan, a Thomas the Train car carrier and a blue box of candy.

But I was wow-ed by everyone else's creativity and the way they made their booths so interactive.
  • There was a car with a big spider web and a ring toss to get rings over the spider's head.
  • There was a North Pole van with the whole interior covered in white. Penguins were hidden throughout the car, and the Penguin host gave out candy to children who correctly counted the number of penguins at the North Pole.
  • There was a pirate car with a treasure chest and 5-6 costumed pirates.
  • There was a FIDO car where children tossed bones into a stand-up doghouse. Children stood on various markers based on their age, but the markers were labeled in dog years. Very clever!
  • There was a nascar racing vehicle that let the children race cozy coupes around their mini track.
  • There was a fairytale car with a "pass the tiara" game. Children stood in a circle and passed a tiara from person to person while the music played. When the music stopped, the child holding the tiara got a special prize.
  • There was a car with a tunnel for kids to crawl through.
  • And there were so many more great ideas!!

The event is made even stronger with extra touches of hot dogs, cotton candy, hot chocolate, bounce-arounds and a hayride. Our activities coordinators do a great job!!

So next time we host a Trunk or Treat vehicle, I'll be armed with LOTS of great ideas. HATS OFF to all the creative folks who planned car decorations this year!!

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