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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Helping Kids Give Thanks - A Thanksgiving Project Idea

As part of my work at the Center for Asset Development, I'm going to help the children in the Good News Club at Pleasant View Elementary School use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to Give Thanks to their teachers next week.

This simple service project has a dual purpose, as it will help the children "think of others above themselves" and it will help shine Christ's love throughout the school. It also builds the positive peer influence asset - helping children be forces for good and show caring and support (2 more assets) to others . . . with thanks.

Here are the directions for our project, in case you want to duplicate it. Ours has a Christian emphasis, but you can easily leave out the Scripture for a nonfaith-based project.

  • Fold your paper in half. On the front part of the card write in big letters, "I am thankful".
    On the righthand side of the inside of the card, paste a 4inch square of aluminum foil. Under the mirror, write "for YOU".
  • Choose a verse from the list of 'thankful verses' on your table to write on your card.
  • Sign the card with ___ (your name) and my friends at Good News Club. If kids have extra time, they can embellish their cards.
  • If everyone finishes, you can play the "I'm thankful" game. You start the circle by saying, "I'm thankful for __ (something that starts with A). The next person continues by giving thanks for something that starts with B. See how far you can get in the alphabet.
  • Say a prayer of thanksgiving to God, giving thanks for the many blessings he has given each of us - food, shelter, friends, great teachers, the Bible, salvation...)

You can find more practical ideas for building developmental assets (a.k.a. raising healthy kids!) in schools and community organizations on our website/blog at

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this project! I teach 5th grade and am constantly trying to get the kids to show their gratitude and thanks throughout the day. This is a project we will do so the kids can give the cards to who they are grateful for on Thanksgiving Day.

6:14 AM  

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