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Monday, July 08, 2013

Compiling a List of Service Providers

I find it quite stressful to find mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, doctors... when I need emergency services. With high service fees and my limited knowledge of fixing things, I always wonder if I'm being totally 'taken'! I'm slowly solving this dilemna by putting together a collection of thrifty handymen that friends and neighbors respect and trust. Whenever I see or hear about them having work done in their car, around the house, or even in medical offices, I always ask for their referrals. Preparing ahead saves time, stress and money!

These are the services I would eventually like to have on my list - if you have great Nashville/Pleasant View contacts, please let me know! 

General Handyman 
Heat/AC Repair
Pest Control
Tree removal
General physician
Physical Therapist - Dan Saylor with STAR Physical Therapy   :)

Good luck with your list!


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