Thursday, March 31, 2016

Drury Hotels - a new favorite!

I've never had a favorite hotel chain - I always shop around and choose the cheapest 3+ star hotel I can find with good ratings, a pool, and free breakfast.  But that has changed.  From now on, whenever I visit a new city, I'll check to see if they have a Drury Inn.

We just stayed at the Drury Inn and Suites in St. Louis, and I was wow-ed.  They serve free  hot breakfast and dinner each day, which is such a gift to traveling moms.  They also offer free soda, coffee and popcorn throughout the day.  And three adult drink coupons per person for each night.  They had a pool and a workout area.  And they have nice, clean hotel rooms with a refrigerator and microwave.  We were able to play hard all day, then return to the hotel for a relaxing evening without having to cook or navigate a restaurant.  It was wonderful!

HATS off to Drury for making traveling so much easier for moms and dads!

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WordGirl said...

We have had similarly great experiences at Drury, so it wasn't a fluke that you enjoyed their St. Louis location. Their suites are some of the best deals we've found for our family!