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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Double Time with Little Extra Effort

I'm a work at home mom, so I do a lot of my work 1-3pm while my little ones nap. That means cleaning, cooking and housework have to happen while the kiddos are awake. They are good helpers and my DH is a huge help, so it's not usually too difficult to get everything done. But here are some tricks that are a BIG help to me right now:

When the phone rings, I grab a broom or a rag. It's easy to talk while sweeping, wiping down surfaces, or putting away dishes. I can give full attention to my friend AND keep up with my household duties.

I save most of my kitchen work 'til my 6yr old gets home from school. While he's having an afternoon snack and doing homework, I can do my chores in the room with him. It's a great excuse to spend a little extra time with him.

After dinner, the kids take their dishes to the sink, then I clean up the kitchen while DH plays with the kids or starts baths. I'm usually grateful for the break from kiddos, so I don't mind cleaning up. He's usually anxious to spend time with the kids, so it works well.

It's in the 1-3pm window right now, so I've gotta head back to work. Then we have a fun treat tonight with grandparents coming to stay for a few days.

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Blogger Jamie said...

I like this post! I like hearing how other Moms handle when to do chores, etc. I think it is great to show them that you do work around the house so they are learning how to do it themselves and learning how much work it takes to keep things going at home! Thanks!

10:31 AM  

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