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Friday, July 18, 2008

Long Hiatus

So sorry about the LONG hiatus! I was hesitant to post publicly that I was going on vacation (it's so easy for stalkers to figure out your address - even when I'm very careful to post very limited personal info on the blog), but I thought I would be able to post every few days anyway.

Not so - the cabin where we visited on Norris Lake in east Tennessee had no phone line, so we didn't have internet access. Big surprise!!! But honestly, I was glad to be disconnected from cyberspace because it allowed our extended family to build more relationships instead of living in the world of technology.

My time away was fantastic!
  • Day 1: I drove 3.5 hours to my parent's farm outside of Knoxville to get ready for the family vacation
  • Days 2-9: at my uncle's lakehouse in the middle of nowhere (15 minutes to the nearest gas station, 25 minutes to the nearest grocery store). My 4 siblings (and my DH's brother) and their families came at various points during the trip, so family dinners hosted 11-18 people. We spent the days skiing, kayaking, eating, playing games, reading books, telling stories, and lounging on rafts in the water. It's my favorite place in the world.
  • Days 10-11: Cleaned up at the lakehouse, shuttled stuff/kids to my parent's house, and drove 1.5 hours east to Kingsport, to help my sister move into her new house. I'm such a dork - I had so much fun organizing, decorating, and arranging stuff with her. And it was great to have good sister time!
  • Days 12-13: Drove back to Knoxville to hang out with my kids and parents on the farm. The highlight of our time there was watching the kids play in the creek! Then we drove back home to meet Daddy.
So after 12 days without internet, I'm a little overwhelmed with work/personal emails. I'll post a little bit this week, and I'll get back to almost daily posting next week. I miss blogging!!


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