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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time Savers for Packing Lunches

A great tip contributed by my friend Shannon:

As school starts back, I have a mommy secret to share. Yesterday, I spent a little less than half an hour making 22 PB & J sandwiches. With two of my daughters in school, this is a little over two weeks of lunch entrees. I freeze the sandwiches in individual ziploc bags and just pull two out every morning. They are well defrosted by lunch and I only have to add a fruit and another side or two (rice cakes, yogurt or string cheese are common accompaniments for us) to make it a complete meal. I try to let my girls buy lunch at the school cafeteria once each week to give myself (and them) a break from homemade lunches, but I find that making the sandwiches ahead of time like this makes it much easier to pack lunches!

**When Shannon first told me about freezing PB&Js I admitedly thought she was a little bit crazy (in the nicest way!). But I tried it, and now I love the tip. I don't freeze them all the time, but I do make them ahead during busy seasons and when I have an extra loaf of bread on hand. The sandwiches taste great - they're moist, but never soggy. It honestly works better to freeze them than refrigerate them.

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Blogger ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

I would have turned my nose up at this had you not emphasized you essentially did the same thing and realized you were wrong. I am going to make a couple today and have the girls try them before school starts. I am excited about it and hope it works. Thanks for posting the tip.

3:15 PM  
Blogger Ellen said...

I am a bit skeptical...cannot imagine how they still taste good after freezing, but being that I *strongly dislike* making school lunches each day, I am going to give it a try! :o) I have much faith in your own experiment--it gives me hope!

7:19 AM  
Blogger Ellen said...

OK...I tried it & it really does work! Thanks for the great tip. I just got done making my son's sandwiches for the rest of the week. What a great time saver!

8:21 PM  

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