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I walked out of the room and heard a huge splattering crash.
Yep, the crystal bowl my mom gave me for a wedding gift.
My 22m daughter had pushed it off the island and it shattered on the kitchen tile.
Very sad.
It was almost comical when my mom called as I was cleaning up the mess.

Learn from my mistakes:
  • Keep a pretty fruit bowl on your kitchen island, but not a valuable one. You never know when it's going to be shattered.
  • Keep a level head when things break. It's just stuff - even if it is special stuff.
  • Cleaning. I've never read anything on the best way to clean up glass/crystal, but here's what I did: Put shoes on and gate the children out of the are. Sweep up the mess (including a very wide radius around the bowl). Put all the glass pieces into a thick cardboard box. Sweep again, paying special attention to the nooks and crannies, carefully looking for sparkly pieces of glass. Vacuum the area with a handheld vacuum. Mop the area with a wet swiffer mop.
The good news is that now I have a squeaky clean kitchen floor!
I'll have to follow Meredith's lead and look for a beautiful bowl at the thrift shop!


Jennie said…
I'm not sure if crystal is different from regular glass, but I find that a wet paper towel is a great way to pick up small fragments of glass.

So sorry about the bowl. The "it's just stuff" comment should be used frequently in houses with toddlers.
Meredith said…
Oh, too bad! I do have one crystal pitcher, a special wedding gift, that I would be crushed to lose that way.

Still, better for you to have used it often, had the pleasure of seeing it on your counter every day, than keep it closeted only for special occasions. Even if it didn't last as long.

Otherwise, everything pretty in my house is secondhand--which makes it easy(ier) to dismiss when the inevitable happens.

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