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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Kindergarten Countdown - Transition Tips

I needed these kindergarten transition tips a year ago!

Last July, I was incredibly anxious (not the norm for my personality!) about my oldest son heading to kindergarten. I prayed and prayed for peace about letting him go, for positive friends, and for a fantastic teacher that could challenge his smart brain and rein in his strong energy. And I had so many friends from Bible study praying right alongside me.

It was a great year for my son and a good experience for me, so I'm not nearly as anxious as we head into first grade. Still nervous about not yet knowing his teacher, but much more willing to trust God to provide for his needs. (It's still a day-to-day battle though!)

I wish someone had given me a guidebook for sending your son to kindergarten. Tips for me, tips for him, and a general idea of what to expect. Yes, the school sent some basic principles, but nothing too practical.

Let's Explore just posted a great article on the kindergarten countdown - transition tips. If you are sending a child to kindergarten, or if you have a friend sending their child to kindergarten, take time to read this post! This whole website is full of creative ideas for young families - I love reading her ideas!

My favorite two tips from her article:
  1. Have something planned for yourself the first day after drop-off -- maybe meet a friend.
  2. Know the daily schedule and themes in your child's classroom so you can ask specific questions. Asking questions like, "What did you do for choice time?" or "What did you learn about caterpillars today?" usually gets more detailed responses than, "What did you do today?"
Two more tips that come to mind:
  • Make lunch for your child the night before. Consider freezing PBJ sandwiches ahead of time - they freeze really well!
  • Visit your child for lunch every other week - or whatever fits your schedule. It's a good opportunity for your younger children to 'be a big kid' and you can get to know some of your child's peers.



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