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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Great Trip to Phoenix, AZ

We just returned from a 9-day trip to Phoenix, to visit my DH's family. We had a fantastic time!

We saw Uncle Jared in the Flagstaff Fire Dept clown show.
We ate veggie sandwiches at Crystal Creek (my favorite sandwich shop!)
We made pancakes and waffles several times
We went to the Wildlife World Zoo with friends - really fun!
We visited with family at 2 Thanksgiving gatherings (recipes to come later!)
We took walks and played basketball and built airports in the desert sand.
We hung Christmas lights (beautiful LED lights from Sams Club)
We went on a date with friends (an in house date with yummy tea and quiet conversation)
We met 2 new babies in the family (great snuggles and hugs)
We ate lots of Gramma's yummy food and homemade ice cream.
We read several great books.
We celebrated my eldest son's 7th birthday.
We had 2 easy four-hour flights - praise God!

We are so blessed by our loving families, and grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them. We are very THANKFUL!



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