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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dance Dance Dance

I didn't work out at the Y this morning, and it was too chilly to walk. Well at least my brain thinks 50 degrees is too chilly, since it thinks the weather should be 65-70 degrees and sunny during April!

So this afternoon we had a dance marathon in the bonus room. I selected upbeat tunes from my Dizzler account (think itunes, but all the music is free), and we started crazy dancing. We did 'lunges' to Surfin USA, we did push-ups/sit-ups to the Star Wars theme music (my boys love Star Wars music), and dance moves to 20 minutes worth of songs. I was holding my 2yr old for some of the songs, so I did some 'bicep curls' moving her up and down from my chin to my chest, and used her for extra weight on 'squats'. We added in some jumping jacks, some side-stepping, and some jumps during the fast music. It was a lot of fun for me and the kids - and a great workout for all of us!

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