Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Inspiring Creations

Arts and crafts are so important in child development.  According to the Search Institute, creative activities are the least reported asset that children and youth say are a part of their lives.  Yet creative activities can help children with problem-solving, creative thinking, and stress relief.  Not to mention, that art is just fun!

This morning, two of my kids pulled out their art boxes.  Yes, my kitchen counter was covered with a big mess!  But they had a blast working together painting, coloring and creating.  They surprised me with gifts - 2 portraits and 2 homemade paper bracelets.  So sweet!

How do you integrate art time into your days?   Why do you think it's important?

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Naomi said...

I think just putting out some supplies helps my daughter so much. She can think of projects with just about anything, which is far better than me putting limits on her. I am learning to enjoy just watching to see what she creates.