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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tax Free Shopping List

Does your state have a tax-free shopping weekend before each school semester? Tennessee's weekend is coming up - April 25-27, and I've been building my shopping list. I put a post-it note on the calendar page a few months ago, so I could plan ahead.

On my list (in the brainstorming order, so it's very random!):
  • packing tape, scotch tape and masking tape (for home & for leading workshops)
  • elmers glue (crafts/school)
  • socks for my eldest son & me
  • shorts & underwear for my tall & skinny son (he's a size smaller in shorts than he wears for pants - so I've been stockpiling in the wrong size!)
  • envelopes
  • funky shirts for me (I want to look at Forever 21)
  • diapers!!! (i'll try to buy enough for the summer)
  • shoes for DH
  • printer paper (though I can't remember if this counts)
  • bathing suit & little swimmers for my little girl

Am I leaving anything out?

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Blogger Chris and Tiana said...

This is really helpful. I've never taken advantage of the tax-free weekend before. I need to do it this year. Thanks for the reminder!


9:03 PM  
Blogger Chris and Tiana said...

Are diapers exempt, too? I couldn't find that out for sure. If so, I definitely need to stock up!

1:39 PM  
Blogger MommySecrets said...

Yep, diapers are exempt, so I'll be buying for the whole summer. Here's the link:

2:48 PM  
Blogger Chris and Tiana said...

Awesome. Thanks!!

2:53 PM  

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