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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Use your Personality to Pick a Volunteer Project

God created you with a thumbprint of very unique gifts and personalities. He designed you with a purpose, prepared to make the world a better place. Looking at your personality might help you find your niche for volunteering in the community. Here are some examples:

Help with outdoor activities for a Big Brothers Big Sisters or a 4-H Club. Organize an adventure for the church youth group or a Young Life club. Plan a treasure hunt for children.

Make a puppet theatre box for children, help with home repairs for senior citizens, or build a Habitat for Humanity house. Help a single mother with yardwork and home repairs.

Visit patients in the hospital, nursing home, or Ronald McDonald House. Volunteer as a crisis pregnancy counselor or answer calls on a crisis hotline.

Decorate a room for the Renewal House or the Ronald McDonald House. Paint a mural at a daycare center

Help children perform a simple drama, tell the gospel through dramatic stories, or read stories to children at a preschool.

Coach a sports team, lead recreational activities for children, chaperone a youth group trip, or help at Vacation Bible School. Babysit for single mothers.

Visit senior citizen’s centers, dress up as a clown at a hospital, or help with puppet shows at the library

Host an open house or help with a fundraiser for a non-profit agency’s collaborating partners, clients or the community-at-large. Volunteer as a foster parent for children or animals.

Offer to give a motivational speech at a school, community center or church. Use arts and crafts to inspire other people. Read stories to children. Mentor a child.

Help plan special events for a non-profit agency, or volunteer on their board of trustees. Tutor a child. Teach study skills to students.

Quick Thinker
Volunteer with CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates), coach a debate team, or lobby congresspersons on an important issue.

Visit with people with disabilities, read stories to children in a low-income preschool, or host a dress-up party for the Boys & Girls Club.

Teach money management and share shopping tips with singles, new families, widows, and former prisoners.

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