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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Penny Jars and Little Bankers

My dear hubby started collecting this pennies when he was a young boy.  He told our children that they could have the money, if they counted the pennies in the jug.  Our 7 and 9 year olds got busy on the task last week!  We've been counting and filling coin holders together, and they've counted $12 for their deposit so far.  They've really enjoyed the process, and they're getting great bank training!

Giving them a financial education is really important to us, so this fits well into our goals of teaching them to earn, save, give, enjoy and invest their time, talents and treasures.


Blogger Debbie Goode said...

I remember my folks saving their change in a big glass jar. What a great way to teach your children!

3:44 PM  
Blogger Kelly Mckenzie said...

$12.00 that's a heck of a lot of pennies. And there's still more to count? Yowzers! I so relate to this as I always pick up pennies (even though the count is down as Canada no longer makes pennies!) and any spare change I find on the ground. My kids have grown up with this and we would turn in all our pop and wine bottles and save the $ until Christmas. Then we'd cash in the money and buy toys for kids who might not get any otherwise. It was a great tradition.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Janet said...

Ann, I hear the sound of pennies clinking together and the sound of pennies against glass, is that the noise of abundance I hear?

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Harmony Harrison said...

I remember counting pennies, nickels, and dimes when I was a kid, nudging them down into paper tubes. Seems like a rite of passage -- and filled with excitement. Twelve dollars would have been a fortune to me!

2:22 PM  

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