Being a mom is the hardest thing I've ever done, but it has brought me so much joy! I want to encourage other moms on their journey, I'll share motherhood tricks, spotlight tips I've learned from friends, and I hope you will share your ideas. I will focus on secrets that help families stay balanced, healthy, frugal, creative, and closely knit. I will also share favorite fiction and nonfiction books that I have enjoyed. Many blessings to you on your mothering journey!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Repost: The Joy of Prayer Walks

I love Lindsey's post titled Basking in Beauty – the Joy of Prayer Walks from Passionate Homemaking.
She's right about the importance of mom's getting away to exercise and pray!  And she's smart about the way she has creatively solved the challenge of finding a time to do both things at once.

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Book Review: "Billy Graham in Quotes"

I received a lovely book this week - Billy Graham in Quotes by Franklin Graham and Donna Lee Toney.  It is chocked full of wisdom and truth – 388 pages of quotes and 43 additional pages of tiny-print footnotes.  It is a treasury of Biblical knowledge covering 100+ topics.  Doctrinal topics include heaven/hell, sin/holiness, Bible, life/death, Satan/God, prayer, creation…  Practical living topics include finding God’s will, happiness, forgiveness, time encouragement, marriage, parenting, money, suffering, patience…  And there are many topics related to habits/choices:  addiction. Evangelism, speech, service…  The quotes are very much in line with Scripture, and each topic includes at least one scripture verse as well.
It’s honestly too much information to read cover to cover during long reading sessions, but it’s a great book to have on hand!  I would recommend it as a reference book for speakers and pastors.  It has many practical resources for counseling – either for professional counselors, or just friends encouraging one another.  It’s full of wisdom for parents to use with their children.  And it’s a great book to leave sitting around the house whenever you have time to read a couple of pages.
Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for sharing my honest opinions with you.