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Popcorn for Breakfast!

Shhh, don't tell anyone, but my kids had pimento cheese and sea salt caramel popcorn from CaJa Popcorn for breakfast this morning - and they loved every bite!  The good news is that it's actually made to be healthier than other popular popcorn chains, so maybe it wasn't toooooo bad for breakfast! One of their tins would make a lovely gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day.  It would also make a great graduation surprise, party favor or gift.  And a lot of businesses buy their blank tins so they can adhere a personalize message or company sticker for marketing gifts.  And they even do weddings!  Oh, the possibilities for popcorn! If you're in Atlanta, you can get some at my friend Kevin's store.  If you're in Nashville, you can pick some up at Loveless Café.   you can also order it online at Be ready for yumminess!

Praying for Orphans - How Can your Family Help?

One of my dearest friends brought this bracelet back from Uganda when she brought her adopted daughter home to America.  When I wear it, it reminds me to pray for her daughter, her old orphanage, and the many orphans in Africa.  Will you join me in praying for them too? 

How can you and your family support orphans in Africa?  Can you pray?  Can you donate $?  Can you go to serve?  Can you promote adoption in your circles?  Can you adopt a child?  Can you support another family who has adopted a child?  Can you help another family raise money for an adoption?

Open your eyes and your heart to see what you can do to help!

Serve Sunday – Helping Hands across the Community

This is a project that I just coordinated for our church.  I'm sharing it here, in case you can use the model in your community.  It's a great way to get people of all ages involved in service.


24 Church is partnering with the community in a new tradition called “Serve Sunday”.Each quarter 24 Church will abandon the traditional practice of worshiping in church pews in order to spend the day serving others in schools, homes, community parks, and nonprofit agencies.
Volunteer Jessica Cron describes the day, “Our church went into the community in teams with 18 different service projects. Which included building fences at baseball parks, cleaned and painted schools, repair projects at homes, helped the nursing home. Our family went to the library to clean and organize books. All of us went with the love of Jesus to serve anyone in need and serve them with that love. It was amazing!Who knows how many lives were touched by us doing these little things today!”
Stories from t…

Sharing the Gospel

God constantly uses my friend Max to boldly share the gospel and win people to Christ, and I know we need to follow his lead.  We asked Max to share some tips with our small group, and I thought I'd share my notes with you.

First he says to remember the verse in Timothy, "God did not give me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and self-discipline".  Pray for God's courage to share.

These are the general steps he follows with people:

Find common ground and start talking about that.Ask about their needs.Ask if you can pray about their needs.  "Can I pray for you?" "Can I pray with you?"Ask, "Do you know the One who intercedes for you?"  "Would you like to know him?""If you died tomorrow, can you confidently say that you'll go to heaven and live with Jesus?"  "If so, how do you know?"Share your favorite gospel verses:  John 3:16  God loves you.Romans  We have all sinned and fall short of God's gloryRoma…

When you think you are unforgiveable and unworthy to serve

Have you ever thought about how God can use your sins and failures for his glory? 

I watched God do that in our church youth group last night. I was part of a panel of 5 brave souls who shared pieces of their life story with 150 or so teens; talking about personal sins, forgiveness, and challenging teens to live a godly and pure life. 

I speak in front of groups often for my job, but I've never shared such personal stories in a large setting, so I was super nervous and way out of my comfort zone.  But I knew without doubt that I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do. 

God wants us to share our stories - to confess our sins and to share the good works that He has done in our lives.  He wants us to share how we fall on our faces, making mistakes that make us feel unworthy and unfit for God's work; then share the rest of the story - how God heals us, and surrounds us with his love, and wipes our slates clean, and asks us to stand up and be his ambassadors again.  With all o…

Inspiring Creations

Arts and crafts are so important in child development.  According to the Search Institute, creative activities are the least reported asset that children and youth say are a part of their lives.  Yet creative activities can help children with problem-solving, creative thinking, and stress relief.  Not to mention, that art is just fun!

This morning, two of my kids pulled out their art boxes.  Yes, my kitchen counter was covered with a big mess!  But they had a blast working together painting, coloring and creating.  They surprised me with gifts - 2 portraits and 2 homemade paper bracelets.  So sweet!

How do you integrate art time into your days?   Why do you think it's important?

Wendy’s Frosty Key Tags

Wendy’s Frosty Key Tags are back!  Buy a tag for $1, and you will get a free Jr. Frosty every time you present your tag with a purchase.  This deal lasts through August, but you have to buy your tag before mid-April.

Guess what makes the deal sweeter!  This program benefits children in foster care.

Sounds like this could be a good family adventure this spring and summer.  Take a deck of cards or a small board game to Wendy's during a down-time for the restaurant.  Buy a soda and enjoy it while you play.  Then get a frosty as you are ready to leave!

Yum yum,