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A Poopy Day!

Today was a day of poop at my house.
My 1yr old had 3 poopy diapers. My 2.5 yr old had two poops (one in Aldi's, when I had of course left the diaper bag in the car) in his underwear (he's potty training) and 3 raisin size poops in the potty. The weather is poopy (dreary rainy cold)My 6 year old son SAT on my digital keyboard (think piano) and knocked it to the floor. I wanted to yell, "Oh poop!"I'm up to my ears in poop!!

Tomorrow is a new day, right? :)
Reading for Life Part 4 - Books that Promote Constructive Use of Time

1. Roxaboxen, by Alice McLerran.

In the magical town of Roxaboxen, anything can happen with a little imagination. A desert of rocks is transformed into a childhood of treasured memories.
• What do you like to do in your free time?
• If there was no electricity, what games might you play together and how might you spend your time?

2. The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats.

Waking up to a world of snow, Peter had a day of exploration and fun. He discovered a great love for deep, deep snow.
• What are your favorite ways to play in the snow?
• What are your other favorite things to do with your friends on cold days?

3. Jumanji, by Chris Van Allsburg.

Peter and Judy learn the importance of reading the directions before starting a project in this humorous tale of imagination.
• What is one of the best games you’ve ever played? Have you ever made up your own game?
• What can you do when you’re getting bored to be creative instead?

4. Froggy…
Sleep Like A Baby

Going to sleep last night, my DH & I had a discussion about the phrase "sleeping like a baby". Why is it that we say, "I had a great night's sleep - I slept like a baby"? That's supposed to mean, "I slept well, I slept soundly, and I slept all night!"

Every mother of a newborn will tell you that babies wake up throughout the night!! Waking up throughout the night is one of the hardest parts of being a new mom !!

So I've always been puzzled by the phrase. I'm sure the phrase refers to the way babies can fall asleep anywhere, and sleep through the strangest circumstances. But it's still a funny phrase!

Thankfully, I slept 'like a baby' after all that talk about sleeping and not sleeping!
Happy Turkey Weekend!
I love this long weekend tradition of pausing to be grateful for the many gifts in our lives. I hope you have a wonderful weekend of thanksgiving!
Reading for Life Part 3 - Books that Promote Boundaries and Expectations

1. Martha Walks the Dog, by Susan Meddaugh. When Bob, a common dog, moves into the neighborhood, Martha discovers with a little help how powerful words can be to build someone up . . . or hurt their feelings.
• How can you be kind to other people even when they’re mean?
• How does it feel when people are mean to you? Or nice to you?

2. Brave Irene, by William Steig. Irene’s mother finished sewing a beautiful ballgown for the duchess, but she was too sick to deliver it. Irene took on the task, and trekked through wind and snow to reach the palace on her adventure of courage and responsibility.
• What is something that you had to work really hard to accomplish?
• Why is it important to finish the things we say we will do?

3. Small Green Snake, by Libba Moore Gray. A little adventurous snake learns a hard lesson about disobedience when his curiosity lands him in a child’s jelly jar. It’s fun to go exploring, isn’t it?
• Why…
Reading for Life Part 2 - Books that Promote Empowerment

1. Officer Buckle and Gloria, by Peggy Rathmann. Officer Buckle has a passion for keeping children safe. He discovers that with the help of Gloria, children are listening and that by working together, two can do more than one.
• What safety messages can you think of to share with friends?
• Have you ever worked on a project with a friend – what was it and what did you both do?

2. Let’s Get a Pup, Said Kate; by Bob Graham. Kate missed her old cat, until she thought of an idea. She asked her parents for a new puppy, and they went to find one at the animal shelter. They fell in love with not one pup, but two!
• It’s important to take good care of our pets – how can you help take care of your pets?

3. Anansi the Spider: a tale from the Ashanti, by Gerald McDermott. A family of spiders discovers that we are each created with unique skills and talents, for a special purpose in life.
• What things can you do really well? What things can your …
Reading for Life - Books about Support
Inspired by Scribbit's post on Activities that Encourage Reading, I'm posting a list of picture books that promote healthy development in children. It's part of a free booklet I wrote a few years ago called Reading for Life. There will be 8 posts - one for each category of Search Institute's Developmental Assets.


1. Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch; by Eileen Spinelli.
Mr. Hatch lives an ordinary life, very much to himself, until a mystery package is delivered to his door with an anonymous love note. Wondering who might be his secret admirer, he starts to be nice to everyone around him. When the postman says he delivered the package to the wrong address, Mr. Hatch is devastated, until his friends throw a big party in his honor.
• What is something little that you can do to brighten someone’s day at school, at home, or in your neighborhood?

2. Mean Soup, by Betsy Everitt.
Horace has a horrible day, and comes home terribly grumpy. His…
Encourage One Another

I received this email from a dear friend today. I was brought to tears by her creative way of gathering together friends from across the country to support a struggling friend. It's really difficult to discern the best way to support a grieving friend - especially when they live several states away. I'm grateful for a new way to tell my friend that I love her, even if it's not through a real-life hug!


"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up..." (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Hello, friends. As many of you know, Mark and Jennie are expecting a little boy sometime around February 11. Some of you may not know that this precious little boy has received the diagnosis of Down Syndrome (by way of an amniocentesis). As you can imagine, this news has been very difficult for our friends to bear.

Will you join me in encouraging them up until and beyond the birth of this precious little one? I was thinking that one or two people could commit…
Holiday Shopping Secret

The #1 secret to my holiday shopping (beyond "shop throughout the year") is Baggle. Baggle is a free online wish list that your family can use for birthdays and Christmas. It's like a gift registry, but you can upload items from any store in the world.

To add an item to your bag, you simply click on the Baggle icon & it uploads automatically. You can add further information, such as the price, size, color, or any specific notes. It's easy to use, and it saves so much time and stress!
No more guessing what a person would like for Christmas - your siblings, kids and grandparents can show you the exact item that they would like to have.The company doesn't sell your personal information to anyone, so there's no spam mail involvedI always struggle to create a personal wish list, so I can update my wishes throughout the year, whenever an item/service sparks my interest.When kids whine, "I want, I want, I want" you can tell th…
Hard Week at Home!

It's a miracle that my dear hubby didn't get sick this week, because everyone else was sick with cough/cold/throat/ache yuck. I struggled with the kids being sick Monday-Wednesday, then went to lead two workshops at the Search conference in Rochester, NY. DH took time off work to watch the kids for me. He might not ever do that again.

He spent the day holding crying children, then spent 2 hours at the doctor's office, and 1/2 hour at the pharmacy. The kids were diagnosed with 1) virus, 2) ear infection, and 3) double ear infection with a bad cough. He called to check in with me Thursday night, and his first words were, "You owe me big time. I'm going to Hawaii while you watch the kids!".

Oh, sick kids are no fun!!!!!! Thankfully everyone is starting to feel a little bit better.
Cheap Birth Control Pills

I've gotten some good advice from friends & colleagues this month. In addition to the comments in last week's posting (THANK YOU LADIES!), here are some new pearls of wisdom. I haven't tried these in my local pharmacy, but I will try this month.
Walmart does not offer birth control as one of their $4 prescriptions, but they do offer 3 different birth control pills for $9. Target is matching Walmart's deals on $4 and $9 prescriptions, so you have two options! Kmart offers a 90 day supply of birth control pills for $15You can order 3 different types of birth control from here for $13/month Planned Parenthood does offer help for women without insurance, but if you have insurance, the pills are $30-35/month.I'm thrilled to know that I probably won't need to pay $30/month for these meds! THANK YOU for sharing so many ideas!
Family Baking Ideas

The free Food & Family magazine from Kraft came last week. As always, I turned down several pages of recipes to try. Here are some of this month's favorites:

Chocolate Cranberry Oat Bars (I think I'll try to reduce the oil & sugar a little bit)
Marbled Chocolate Treats
Mint Thins

These will all make fun additions to our holiday gift bags!

If you don't already subscribe to their free magazine, it would probably be a fun read for you. :)
One Stop Shopping

Money Saving Mom just started a good discussion about Wal-mart's price-matching promise. It's a great deal, because Wal-mart will match the prices listed in all of their competitor's sales advertisements. So whatever deal you're finding on produce, cosmetics, groceries, pharmaceuticals, toys, etc., you can also get at Wal-mart.
Before baby #3, I took competitors ads to Walmart frequently. I just did it this week for the first time in a year. It takes a little bit of work:It takes extra time to shop, b/c you have to be careful about the brands. It takes a lot of extra time at checkout, because you have to show the sales print for each item. But you save $. I think my happy compromise will be looking at the loss leaders in the competitor's ads. Unless it's a really good sale, Walmart will probably have essentially the same price. Looking at only loss leaders will save time & stress - and make me a happier mommy with kids in tote!
Busy with the holidays,
but want homemade baked goods?

Mikkee Hall is an excellent Nashville baker. She can bake yummy home-made goods for your next holiday event. Many of her baked goods are available in lower fat and/or lower sugar.

Scones (cinnamon, chocolate chip, cranberry)* - $12 for batch of 16
Baklava - $15 for batch
Pumpkin Mousse (serves 8) - $10
Chocolate Torte - $10
Jumbo cinnamon rolls - $15 for 12
Mint Brownies - $12 for batch
Muffins (pumpkin, chocolate, blueberry, cinnamon) - $10
Apple and Pumpkin Pies - $12
Chocolate Chip Pound Cake - $10
Cookies (ginger snaps, chocolate sugar cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal choc chip) - $10 for batch (12-24)
Homemade Reeses - $15 for batch (about 50 pieces)

Prices range with the type and amount of baked good you want.
For more information, email Mikkee at

* My husband loves Mikkee's scones, and he's considering ordering them as company gifts this year.